take it away peggy...

We're sorry, our takeaway service is no longer available

Why Peggy's?

All fresh, healthy, delicious food, cooked from locally sourced (where possible) quality ingredients

All delicious, reasonably-priced and if I lived in Nottingham I'd be a regular customer


I've never eaten any halloumi like it, it's worth the visit on it's own


About Us

Rachel Foster

Peggy's Kitchen Founder

Take it Away Peggy....... 1, 2, 3, 4

If staying in is the new going out, then let us bring Peggy's menu to you with Peggy's takeaway service.

We are proud to announce that we are launching a new ready-meal takeaway service. Our ready meals are great value. We prepare our dishes from scratch using fresh vegetables, herbs and locally sourced meat.

Simply place your order, which can be collected from the venue, or delivered by taxi

We have designed a menu that we prepare freshly in house, served hot, or  heated through at home, as and when you want it. Persian rice dishes are perfect for this. Simply pop them in the oven for 40 mins and you'll have a delicious meal with perfectly cooked rice! Pop our sourdough into your toaster and in minutes you'll have fresh bread to accompany your olives, dips and cold starters.

Operating a “Covid Secure” environment.

The Food Standards Agency advice states that it is very unlikely that you will catch Coronavirus from food.

To launch our new service, Peggy's kitchen founder Rachel will work alone to begin with. She will have her temperature taken every day. As will all our staff once they rejoin us. Rachel has always been fastidious about hand washing and cleanliness, ask any of her family or friends. There are stories out there that would once embarrass but now cause a certain “I told you so” look about her.

Joking aside we are following all the guidelines regarding delivery of all fresh produce and implementing some of our own. We will be washing everything we possibly can that enters the building.

We have researched our takeaway packaging. Everything is recyclable except the plastic coated paper lids on the baked rice dishes.

The “Heat at Home” option ensures that your meal will be ready whenever you want it. 

The hot takeaway/delivery, “Ready to Eat” is more of a traditional takeaway service that we're planning to introduce soon.

Our doors are now open for limited events on Friday and Saturday evenings. We are still operating takeaway, so if you don't fancy a public venue, why not indulge in something fresh and nutritious we have made for you to enjoy at home


Fabulous tastes from the Mediterranean & Middle East, presented like Spanish Tapas, on small plates. Ideal for Sharing.

Peggy's Skylight

3 George St, Nottingham, NG1 3BH